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IETF 91 and RFC 7400

6lo is on a roll (no pun with that other WG intended).

Today, RFC 7400 was published, Generic Header Compression, for removing redundancy from extension headers and header-like payloads with a very simple bytecode-based compressor.  (If you are like me, the number 7400 evokes some additional associations...  But honestly, that was just the next number in sequence.)

On October 30th, we already got RFC 7388, the LoWPAN MIB, to define the network management counters that help diagnosing and debugging a 6lo device.

Next to be published by 6lo is the IPv6 adaptation layer specification for the Z-Wave radio G.9959, LoWPANZ, approved on October 31 and currently undergoing final editing by the RFC editor.

At IETF91 in Honolulu, which finished today, we worked on a number of other adaptation layer specifications that are getting ready, including IPv6 over NFC; IPv6 for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart), DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy), IPv6 over RS485 (6lobac) are in various stages of WG processing.  We are also looking at ways to further increase the efficiency of 6LoWPAN and other 6lo networks running the RPL routing protocol.

If you want to know more, you can visit the 6lo status page.

Clearly, the transition of the 6LoWPAN work to the 6lo WG worked very well!

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