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About serves as a center of information and news about enabling the Wireless Embedded Internet using IPv6 and 6LoWPAN technology. Here you will find information about 6LoWPAN and related technology including tutorials and articles along with the latest news from standarsization and industry activities. We are always looking for contributions, please get in touch if you have e.g. an article, tutorial material, links or interesting news for us. hosts companion material for the book "6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet" by Zach Shelby and Carsten Bormann.

About the Authors

Carsten Bormann

Carsten Bormann received his Diploma in Computer Science in 1985 and his PhD in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) in 1990 from Technische Universität Berlin. Serving as a Honorarprofessor for Internet technology at the Universität Bremen, he is member of the board of its Center for Computing Technology (TZI); he is also a Visiting Professor at the Design department of the Universität der Künste in Berlin (Institute of Electronic Business).

His research interests are in protocol and system architectures for computer-mediated communication between humans. He has been leading the IETF efforts on Integrated Services for Low-Bitrate Links (ISSLOW) and is co-chairing the Robust Header Compression WG (ROHC), which are a prerequisite to seamless Internet Multimedia Conferencing over low-speed links (wired and wireless), including Internet Telephony. From 2002 to 2004, he served as a founding chair of the mobility task force of TERENA, the European association of research networks. Most recently, he is co-chairing the IETF IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks WG (6LOWPAN).

zach-avatar Zach Shelby (

Zach is co-founder and Head of Research at Sensinode Ltd. where he leads low-power wireless IP networking reseach, standardization and IPR activities for the company. Earlier he has also served as Managing Director and CTO for Sensinode. Before starting Sensinode, he led wireless networking research at the Centre for Wireless Communications and at the Technical Research Center of Finland. Currently he serves as a member of the IPSO Technical Advisory Board.

He is an active participant in the IETF, with activites in the 6LoWPAN and ROLL working groups, ETSI standardization on M2M, and in several top EU research programs.  Research activities include 6LoWPAN networking architectures for enterprise applications, low-power application protocols, embedded web services and Contiki. Zach is known is a pioneer in the use of IP technology in low-power networks with NanoIP, early BT Ultra-Low Power (ULP) and low-rate Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology development. His results include a large portfolio of courses, publications, public talks, broad research cooperation, and key patents. The mission is clear - making the Wireless Embedded Internet a reality.

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