The Wireless Embedded Internet Helping the next Billion Nodes onto the Internet

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The Wireless Embedded Internet

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By Zach Shelby and Carsten Bormann

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Table of contents

The world's first complete book about 6LoWPAN and the Wireless Embedded Internet. This book gives the complete picture of 6LoWPAN technology in one place, including deployment examples and implementation aspects. It is aimed at experts in the field, engineering students and lecturers.

Companion Material

6LoWPAN Book Course Syllabus (PDF) Updated 6.12.2009
6LoWPAN Seminar Video (80 minutes, MP4) Recorded 6.12.2009

Full course slide-set - Perfect for lecturers as a course module and for students and professionals as a tutorial

6LoWPAN Book Lecture Slides (PPT) Updated 6.12.2009
6LoWPAN Book Lecture Slides (PDF) Updated 6.12.2009

Contiki programming exercises - Learn embedded development and 6LoWPAN programming with the open-source Contiki project

6LoWPAN Book Course Exercises (PPT) Updated 4.3.2010
6LoWPAN Book Course Exercises (PDF) Updated 4.3.2010

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  1. When will the programming exercises and slide-set be released? Same time as the hardcover edition?

  2. Hey zach,

    I was wondering when the slides and code will be available. I really like the book and I hope the examples will be just as helpful. Regards.

  3. Sebastian, Glad you like the book, course slides released today. The exercise slides for Contiki are expected in the near future.

  4. Hi Zach, great slides … nice to have them available for the course, which I am teaching at Dresden University of Applied Sciences.

  5. Was expecting a book on 6LowPan. We have ordered a copy for our library.If examples are updated it would be useful and we can practice and take it to our students.gr8 Slides. Good work.keep it up.

  6. Great work !
    I’m waiting for the excercises, do you have a forecast ?

  7. I finished reading the book about a week ago, and am now eager to do some hands-on programming exercises. Will they be released soon?

  8. Hi Zach, when will the programming exercises be released?

    thank you

  9. Nice tutorial video to start with 6LoWPAN. Thanks!

  10. Hi zach,
    Really enjoyed watching your video and great slides! Very helpful, insightful and I’m now eager to get absorbed.
    It’s good to know what I don’t know yet…thanks!

  11. Hi Zach,
    great work you have founded and have motivated the minds of enthusiastic engineers! A good start for me…Thanks alot!

  12. Hi Zach
    I haven’t got hold of the book yet, but have gone thru the seminar videos and Slides thoroughly. If possible release the book in India in LPE.

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