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Seminar Video Released

I gave a book release seminar on Dec 6th at the Centre for Internet Excellence in Oulu, Finland. Thanks to the great hosts, we are now releasing the entire seminar in a really professional format on-line. The seminar gave a good overview of 6LoWPAN and the general contents of the book, covering about half of the course material slides and lasts for 80 minutes. Enjoy!

6LoWPAN Seminar Video (80 minutes, MP4) Recorded 6.12.2009

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  1. Hi,
    Its really cool.Its really sensing the opportunities.

  2. The video was great and gave me a deeper understanding of the difference of ND in IPv6 and ND in 6LoWPAN. It also made me start to think of areas of research in 6LoWPAN and 6LoWapp.

  3. awesome video!
    can you put it on youtube EDU for instant access?

  4. Hey, very cool video. It is very very helpfull to get more information about 6LoWPAN.

    Is it possible to see the example you talked about in the video. You wanted to control your house or the lamp in the room.
    Where can i find information for that?
    I’m controlling a door lock with IPv6, 6LoWPAN and HTTP.
    I use contiki on AVR Raven Boards.

  5. It is very very useful. I know a lot,even the details of 6LowPAN.

    Very Good presentation!

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